2015 - the year of spies!

So, The Teewe Ninja’s were looking at the calendar and something just struck them all in unison.

2015 is the Year of the Spies!!!

How? asked Baby Ninja of the Hunan district. This was retorted with a severely executed backflip meant to grab everyone’s attention towards the Wu-dan Ninja whose attention to detail is un paralleled.

Look! - and we looked and exclaimed – oooh, that’s how.

We all saw how Harry taught us what being a gentleman spy is all about. This one is gone, are more coming?

oh come on, this one was even older - do you even have anything to show to us O inhabitant of the mountains of Wu-dan?

alright, i agree Statham has his moments, but since when do McCarthy & Jude Law qualify as spies?

Holy Kebab of Confucius!! isn’t that Superman? DC must really have less money to feed them superheroes!

OK - now we’re talking  baby - Tom Cruise might be the oldest & experienced spy around to make this a fair point now!

Did someone say “old & experienced”?

Baby Ninja of Hunan takes a bow before Murgi Ninja - “You have truly disarmed us all with your point”. We seek your blessings.

Article by Teewe