6 Sexually Offensive Things Indians Usually Say!

Sensei Ninja had to break his zen in order to release the following order:

So Teewe Ninja’s have listened to people say this stuff often, ninja’s have now mutually agreed upon a “Shadow kick” & “Buddhist’s palm” punch to anyone who repeats these phrases around the “Temple of Offline Playback”.

How Big Is Your “Package”?

Guys please, although we know what you are referring to is totally non-sexual, but the phrase needs to change as it refers to a tragedy. Murgi Ninja believes it’s a cultural tragedy waiting to happen.

“I Can Fill Any Opening You Have”

While we are ok with anyone applying for a job at our dojo, we must all refrain from using the above phrase in order to convey that intention. We will proceed without explaining this hienous sentence!

He/She has “Topped” the Whole College

This one might come as a surprise but it is actually not a legitimate English sentence, in fact it is a severe grammatical error which is embarrassing if you get the “real” meaning!

“I am/was doing Pooja”/

Pooja’s mom would have to arrange for some rope around a fan because Indians proudly excliam their own religious fervor.

“Hand me a Rubber”

Particularly hated by Murgi Ninja - he corrects every disciple in school by educating them that they mean an “eraser”. Rubber is another word for a condom.

Do “One” Thing

How many “things” would you expect one to “DO”, if the answer is many, Ninja’s could perhaps their way back to the Temples of Khajuraho.

Article by Teewe