Parenting Advice: 6 Steps towards Raising A Genius!

Raising a Genius is not an easy task, but who says with a proper plan you can’t get your hand around it easily. Here are a few things you need to be on the watch & look out for:

One should consult the infinite repository of wisdom - the Internet & prefer it over to the “Old Wives Tales” that keep flying around along with rumors on best child raising practices.

Children can spill out their brain the best - not when they are in an exam, but when their creativity is unleashed on a piece of blank paper. Hand them a piece of blank paper  and introspect on what they make.Teewe is the kind of tech that they can utilize while you stay in control of what your children can watch on the TV.

Most Importantly: Always be on the lookout for new & innovative ways to help your child grow
Presenting Teewe!

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