Your Teewe is 1080p! #TrueStory

Past few days you might have read some reviews mentioning that Teewe doesn’t play full HD (1080p) videos and its 720p instead. A lot of users mention that when they plugin Teewe device their Television shows Teewe device being 720p and not 1080p.

We wanted to clarify that issue and explain the issue in detail. We do acknowledge that the label shows it to be 720p and not 1080p on some Televisions/connected screens however the Teewe media streaming device which you’ve purchased with your hard earned money is 1080p (Full HD compatible).

If you’ve read thus far, I guess you’re interested in understanding the discrepancy in detail and read on.

First things first confirming that your device is full HD and not 720p as displayed by your Television. Download the Teewe Theatre app from here ( ) and try playing a full HD (1080p) video. Take note of the quality. It should be playing your full HD video without any issues (assuming you’re using a compatible router of decent quality). Now take a 720p video and try playing it on your device, you will notice the quality difference between full HD and 720p.

Now that you’ve ensured that your device is full HD, let us explain why the label says 720p. When you plug-in the device onto your Television, the core OS (we are using Android under the hood) sends the display resolution text (it is just a label and have no relevance to actual output resolution) to your TV via HDMI to show. However, the actual output resolution is set in the Teewe's OS kernel (framebuffer resolution) and it is what determines the actual output resolution. Be assured, it is 1080p and not 720p.

As a brand which values customer feedback, we have tried to change the display label(to 1080p) which gets passed along and an OS update was rolled out to Teewe users incorporating the change But soon after we have rolled out the update, it created issues for some Teewe users with issues like screen flickering and also it rendered the device incompatible with some particular TV manufacturers/vendors. We had to roll back the update. At this point we took a call that a small bug in the system information was acceptable than rendering the device useless for 10-20% of our users. That is the reason we let it be. We are working hard to fix the label issue and it is a no.1 priority for us. We are trying to test against more and more manufacturers and fix this issue at the earliest.

We walk into our offices daily to enhance your Television experience and hope to build an ecosystem enabling you to watch anything you want from any device you have, directly onto the best screen in your home. We will continue doing that.

Article by Teewe